New Appointments within the Executive Committee of L’Oréal

Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO, announces several important appointments to the Executive Committee of the Group effective as of 1 July 2013. Nicolas Hieronimus is appointed President Selective Divisions and, as such, will supervise all the Selective Divisions of L’Oréal (Luxury, Active Cosmetics, Professional Products, The Body Shop), Jean-Jacques Lebel is retiring and Marc Menesguen is appointed President Consumer Products Division, and three new Zones are created: the Americas headed by Frédéric Rozé, Eastern Europe headed by Alexandre Popoff, and Western Europe headed by Jochen Zaumseil. Alexis Perakis-Valat is appointed Executive Vice-President Asia Pacific Zone.

Nicolas Hieronimus is appointed President Selective Divisions. This leadership role supervising the Selective Divisions of L’Oréal is created in order to accelerate the Group’s development in all retail distribution networks, leveraging its expertise in each of the distribution channels. Nicolas Hieronimus joined L’Oréal at the age of 23; he spent 18 years with the Consumer Products Division during which time he held, in particular, the positions of General Manager of Garnier in the UK and subsequently L’Oréal Paris in France, before creating the international L’Oréal Paris Brand which he managed for nearly five years. In 2005, he is appointed Managing Director of L’Oréal in Mexico with responsibility for all the Group’s Divisions. In 2008, he is appointed Managing Director of the Professional Products Division, where he expanded the modernization of the Division. Nicolas Hieronimus is appointed President L’Oréal Luxe in January 2011 and will keep leading directly the Division.

After having contributed over the last 30 years to the development of the Group, Jean-Jacques Lebel has decided to retire. Jean-Jacques joined L’Oréal in 1981 as Director of L’Oréal Paris based in the UK. In 1985 he was nominated Director of Garnier France and he then returned to the UK for another 8 years as Country Manager. In 1999, he was appointed Director of the Latin America Zone, before being made President of the Professional Products Division in 2000. Then, in March 2008 he took the responsibility of the Consumer Products Division. Great marketer, with a well-balanced sense of rigor and intuition, Jean-Jacques Lebel has marked L’Oréal with his capacity to detect opportunities and to successfully transform them into great products.

Marc Menesguen succeeds Jean-Jacques Lebel as President Consumer Products Division. Marc Menesguen joined L’Oréal’s Consumer Products Division in 1985. He pursued a marketing career as General Manager of L’Oréal Paris in the UK and then in France, and subsequently became Managing Director of Lancôme. In 2000, he was appointed Managing Director of L’Oréal Japan and then Managing Director of the Luxury Products Division in 2004. As such, he spearheaded the transformation of the Division with the launch of new fragrance Brands and the integration of newly acquired Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. In January 2011, Marc Menesguen is appointed Executive Vice-President Strategic Marketing leading the digital and marketing transformation of the Group.

To pursue the deployment of L’Oréal’s universalization strategy and its conquest of one billion new consumers, L’Oréal completes its Zones.

Frédéric Rozé is appointed Executive Vice-President of the Americas Zone, which includes North and Latin America. Frédéric Rozé begins his career with L’Oréal in 1986 in the Marketing Department of the Consumer Products Division, where he held several marketing functions. In 1993, he is appointed Managing Director of the Consumer Products Division of L’Oréal Russia. He returns to France in 1996 as General Manager of Gemey France, and is subsequently appointed General Manager of L'Oréal Argentina. In 2002, he becomes General Manager of L’Oréal Spain. In 2004, he is appointed General Manager of the Consumer Products Division at first for Western Europe, and subsequently for the entire European Region including Eastern countries. In 2009, Frédéric Rozé is appointed Executive Vice-President North America Zone and CEO of L’Oréal USA. He will continue to serve as CEO of L’Oréal USA.

Alexandre Popoff is appointed Executive Vice-President Eastern Europe Zone. Alexandre Popoff joined L'Oréal in 1989 as Product Manager for LASCAD. In 1993, he is appointed Marketing Coordinator for Garnier and Gemey covering Europe's four key countries. In 1995, he becomes Managing Director for L'Oréal Paris in Portugal and then moves to Russia as Managing Director of the Consumer Products Division. He becomes Managing Director of LASCAD in 1999, and of the Consumer Products Division for France in 2004. In 2007, he is appointed Managing Director for the Africa, Middle East Zone, initially for the Consumer Products Division and subsequently for L'Oréal's four divisions. In January 2010, Alexandre Popoff is appointed Multi-Division Managing Director for Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, before focusing on the management of the Latin America Zone in January 2012.

Jochen Zaumseil is appointed Executive Vice-President Western Europe Zone. Jochen Zaumseil joined L'Oréal in 1983 as Product Manager for Lancôme. In 1985, he becomes Commercial and Marketing Manager for Lancôme in Austria and then moves to L’Oréal Mexico in 1987 as General Manager of Helena Rubinstein and Ralph Lauren. Two years later he returns to his home country, Germany as General Manager of L’Oréal Professional Products. In 1998, he is appointed General Manager of L’Oréal Venezuela. In 2000, he becomes President & CEO of L’Oréal Canada. Four years later, he joins L’Oréal Japan in the same position. In 2006, Jochen Zaumseil returns to France as Managing Director of L’Oréal Asia and joins the Group’s Executive Committee. In January 2010, the Asia zone expands to 3 new countries India, Australia and New Zealand, and becomes L’Oréal Asia-Pacific Zone comprising14 subsidiaries.

Alexis Perakis-Valat, CEO L’Oréal China, succeeds Jochen Zaumseil as Executive Vice-President for the Asia Pacific Zone and becomes a member of L’Oréal’s Executive Committee. Alexis Perakis-Valat began his career with L’Oréal as Product Manager for L’Oréal Paris in 1995. After being responsible for Garnier in Belgium, he is appointed General Manager of L’Oréal Paris in Spain. In 2003, he becomes Managing Director of Soft Sheen Carson in the US. From 2005 to 2008, he is General Manager of L’Oréal in Germany. In 2009, he returns to France as Managing Director for the Consumer Products Division in Europe. In September 2010, Alexis Perakis-Valat is appointed CEO of L’Oréal in China. He will continue to serve as CEO of L’Oréal China.

Members of the Executive Committee of L’Oréal as of 1 July 2013:

- Jean-Paul Agon : Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
- Laurent Attal: Executive Vice-President Research and Innovation
- Jean-Philippe Blanpain : Executive Vice-President Operations
- Nicolas Hieronimus : President Selective Divisions
- Brigitte Liberman : President Active Cosmetics Division
- Marc Menesguen : President Consumer Products Division
- Christian Mulliez : Executive Vice-President Administration and Finance
- Alexis Perakis-Valat : Executive Vice-President Asia Pacific Zone
- Alexandre Popoff : Executive Vice-President Eastern Europe Zone
- Sara Ravella : Executive Vice-President Communication, Sustainability and Public Affairs
- Frédéric Rozé : Executive Vice-President Americas Zone
- Geoff Skingsley : Executive Vice-President Africa, Middle-East Zone
- Jérôme Tixier : Executive Vice-President Human Relations and Advisor to the Chairman
- An Verhulst-Santos : President Professional Products Division
- Jochen Zaumseil : Executive Vice-President Western Europe Zone

About L’Oréal
L’Oréal, the world’s leading beauty company, has catered to all forms of beauty in the world for over 100 years and has built an unrivalled portfolio of 27 international, diverse and complementary brands. With sales amounting to 22.5 billion euros in 2012, L’Oréal employs 72,600 people worldwide. In 2013, the Ethisphere Institute, a leading international think-tank for business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, recognized L’Oréal as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. This is the fourth time that L’Oréal has received this distinction.